It’s All About Me #MassCommunicationsProbz

28 Sep

Is it necessary to check your twitter 27 times in one day? To tweet 8 times? To check your Facebook 15 times or go through 2 full pages of the blog Bad Advice From My Brother? When forced to keep track of my mass media consumption I was surprised to how much I use mass media to talk about me!

I have never really thought of myself as a conceded person. I’ll give myself a pat on the back every now and then, but recording my mass media usage for two days made me realize how I use mass media selfishly. 

I broke down that media into two different groups, the kind of mass communication that involves an exchange (hopefully about me) and the kind that is collecting information (hopefully interesting to me).

In my log of mass media usage, I used several types of media in which I collected information from. My texts books, magazines, advertisements on walls or signs, The Towerlight, blogs, ads on food or clothes and TV were all mass medias I repeatedly used.

When using these media, I found myself skimming through information or only giving half my attention. Only really listening in when it related to my life or interests.

Finding information relevant to your own wants and needs makes scene. A person could not possibly retain all the information there is to collect. Making personal interest a way to weed through media helps the user find the information that will best fit their needs.


-Sorry, you won’t find me in there Towerlight readers.


I opened a Towerlight to look at pictures from an event; I was not in any of them so I stopped reading the paper. The magazine I was looking through did not have any tips for blondes, so I was over it.

Both cases I put on own interests to the prioritize the information I wanted. It just seems a tad vein to truly not care what else there might be happening besides my interests. So I would suggest brunettes not asking me for hair advice, because I didn’t read it.

Mass communications which involved an exchange of information held my attention for much longer than just informative communication.

For example, I read People Magazine once for 35 minutes but I spent a total of three and a half hours on Facebook in two days. There is a thrill about checking Facebook to see if you have any notifications.

Basically, I enjoy other people paying attention to me. While posting a status might be a nice way to inform friends of your thoughts or activities, it’s secretly a way to get as many people to like it as possible.someone does have to be the one leaving me these notifications!

I may not be the only one getting a thrill out of social networking though, according to the website, Social Media Examiner , 22% of time spend on the internet is on social networking sites. Proving my point that people, myself included, want the back and forth exchange of attention social media provides.

Twitter is a very similar effect. I do enjoy catching up on 140 characters worth of friends or celebrities lives, but the main reason I tweet is to try and get more people to follow me. I love checking my followers (follow me @molllybabcock).

It is a rush when signing on and seeing that the followers number has gone up by two. Is like a win, in life. People want to read about me!

Getting retweeted is even better. It’s always a goal of my tweets to be retweeted by a faithful admirer…. I mean follower.

In a sence, media is all about the feelings it gives you. If Facebook notifications get you excited, you are more apt to stay on Facebook over reading a textbook of facts that don’t make you feel any better than not reading the textbook. I want to make myself happy and I am going to use the media that does that for me.

Focusing in on how different forms of mass media effected how I used them was interesting. I really saw that when media gives a user the opportunity to participate, how much more inclined someone like me or society in general could be more intrigued by that mass media.

And as a disclaimer, I am really not that conceded, I just like to exaggerate.


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