Don’t Be About It, Blog About It.

10 Nov

Having an off day? I know it makes me feel better to laugh it off. One of the best ways to laugh off my life woes is to hear how much worse someone else’s may be. Know you think to yourself, who in their right mind is going to tell you embarrassing stories about themselves at your beck and call? Well, you’d be surprised how easy it is to find. A recent blogging trend has been collections of funny problems, encounters and advice about the crazy things that happen in everyday life.

Three of my favorite blogs enclude Bad Advice from My Brother, Texts from Last Night and College Problems. These three blogs are of a comedic genre and are about real (but sometimes vastly exaggerated) life events. Each has a different style and format

Bad Advice From My Brother is a collection of live lessons and useless counseling from an older brother to a younger brother. The older brother sends a continuous string of outlandish messages that the younger brother secretly turned into a blog for the world to benefit from.

The blog’s style is a dairy of sorts. The blogger (the younger brother) posts all of the emails, text messages, picture messages, voicemails, even a fax or two, that his older brother sends to him.

The older brother is an ex frat boy, who has recently graduated college and working a real job but seems to be reluctant to give into the grown up lifestyle. The brother, who is egotistical, outrageous, rude, ridiculous, a borderline  alcoholic, and absolutely hysterical, finds it vital to pass on the nuggets of wisdom his life as brought him to his younger brother.

                Texts from Last Night is a unique blog. There is not just one blogger who posts their entries for the audience. Texts from Last Night or TFLN for short is an interactive blog that allows the readers to submit text messages that they think the rest of the world would find funny.

                The blog is similar to Twitter in that it is a chronological micro blog. Submissions that are worthy of making the blog are posted and listed from most recent submission to oldest submission. The text messages are anonymous, the only identification is the area code from which the message was sent and the receiver who responds.

The collection of texts messages are a range of just silly banter, to innocent spelling mistakes gone arise to crude, outlandish statements.  This generation of millennials has a special place in their hearts for text messaging. Millennials have a heavy reliance on text messaging as a major form of communication in their lives.

Text messaging being such an influence in everyday life makes it a subject of interest. Everyone talks about texting and has a funny story. A blog that allows the reader to submit their story is considered cool because in a way, your text was worthy enough to be published online for the rest of the world to see. Reading other funny texts holds entertainment value because texting is so relatable and prevalent in life.

Another popular blog for college students is the trumbler titled Collegeproblems. Collegeproblems is an ongoing numbered list of typical and not so typical problems college students are plagued with during their college experience.

An example of one is “Problem #847- Move off campus, no idea how to cook”, this being one of the more innocent problems.

Collegeproblems is one of those blogs that you read and the whole time you think “this is funny; this is funny because it’s true!” Like the rest of the blogs, the reliability gives the blog appeal to its audience.  Readers can laugh at how these problems stricken their lives.

While it might not seem funny when it is happening, for example, “Problem# 835- Commuter student. No car.” It is humorous to read it and think to yourself how ridiculous life really is. If you cannot laugh about it, how can you really enjoy life? That is what Collegeproblems is all about, taking the college hardships and making a mockery out of them to make the struggles just seem that much more ridiculous.

My personal blog I would hope would have the same witty and hysterical content as the other three blogs I have discussed. Currently my blog is about varying subject matters relating to mass communications. In a way, Bad Advice from My Brother, TFLN and Collegeproblems are also about communication. In Bad Advice from My Brother, the older brother is communicating with the younger brother. In TFLN, texters from around the world are sharing their communication through text messaging and in Collegeproblems, the blogger is listing all the problems, communication problems included, with his followers.

The blog in which I am writing, I would hope it to be entertaining like the other three blogs. Making a blog entertaining and humorous can not only brighten a readers day but keep them interested in continuing to follow the blog.

Like all of the blogs, I may not be the most academic or professional source, but for the subject matter each of the blogs are referring to, I am a source worth citing. None of the blogs are hard fact. They are all option based or from a person’s life and experiences. You can non judge a person’s experiences for creditability.

In the case of these blogs, who is going to be upset because Bad Advice from My Brother did not describe the proper technique for shot gunning a beer. The subject matter of the content really allows for any young adult to be a creditable source of content.

A goal of a blog is to entertain the audience. Each of the blogs, including my own, makes it a point to entertain the readers through light and chipper content, hopefully producing a laugh or two. The audience’s ability to relate to the topics keeps them interested and inclined to read. If I were to keep up my blog, I would hope my life experiences and thoughts would be as entertaining as the blogs discussed in this post because lets face it, college is rough on us all. 


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