Will Miss America Still Have to Ask for World Peace in 2035?

10 Nov

                       What can happen in twenty-five years? Twenty-five years before 2011 it was 1986. Bon Jovi was Livin’ On A Prayer, pants could double as a parachute, and Ferris Bueller got a day off. No one was concerned about who had texted them, checking emails or Facebook newsfeeds. In twenty-five years communication and society has had some dramatic changes. What could happen in twenty-five more years? (Rolling stones magazine)

I am no Steve Jobs, but with the rapid progress of technology, I can only see communication improving over the next 25 years. I do not believe that within 25 years the world will turn into the Jetsons or live will so drastically change that it is unimaginable. It is fun to dream up what crazy things will exist in the future, but 25 years ago wasn’t the Stone Age.

Society was not so drastically different than it is today. Yes, there are significant changes in communication and culture, but 25 years ago people didn’t have to contact each other through pony express either. This is why I think that there will be major changes, but in a whole, the world will not be a world unimaginably different than today.

The most obvious communication device to change will be the cell phone. Today, when you go to buy a new cell phone, it is difficult to even find a phone that does not come with internet. More and more phones are Smartphone. I think within the next few years, all cell phones will be iphones or iphone like cellular phones.

A growing trend towards one electronic device to be an all in one personal computer, mp3 player, cellular phone, camera, television, gps, and all the gadgets will lead to a super device. By 2035, there will be a piece of electronics that will be a compact, all in one, only device you will need tool.

The device will be a person’s everything. Much like how a teenager feels about their cell phone. If taken away, you might as well just jump off a bridge to save yourself the pain.

This device will significantly aid communication. A person has multiple channels of contact all within one device, so no matter what the content of the message if can be sent through the appropriate channel and reach the recipient with easy. For example, a document could be types, edited, emailed, and printed all from the one device. No more having to switch from computer to phone to printer. The convenience would be the key feature.

The device that does it all would hold all the information you need in the palm of your hand. Of course by 2035 the mobile internet will be extremely fast and work excellently on these devices. Users would be able to look up information with ease and multi-task while doing so.

Information would be so easy to access and acquire because everyone has the ability to contribute and add to the internet at all times.

Facebooks would be super charged. Video could be uploaded; status could change themselves because the all in one device would know what you are doing at all times. News could be reported from every angle. People would have the technology available to be informed about everything at once.

In the movie Wall-E, a technology along the lines of what I am describing is shown. A chair with a screen attached to it and compartments where objects materialize from is a type of all in one device that humans are utilizing for all their technological needs. People sit in these chairs and communicate with friends and acquaintances through a Face Time  like fashion.

While talking with people, the screen also has a running feed of news and advertisements. Having a device that allows us to access all information and communicate in all forms will also make advertising easier for companies. Advertisements can target clients through what the users are doing on their devices and what pertains most to their everyday usage. In a way it would be helpful to both the producers and the consumers because consumers would be constantly being informed of what products are out there that could benefit their life.  Producers would have the benefit of targeting the perfect niche for their products and gaining feedback easily.

Life with on device would be help society to be more productive and lead to a utopian life. The constant connection would significantly decrease miscommunications. People would always be connected and connected on all levels. People could see each other on crystal clear screens, hear each other, send messages or pictures; they could even watch a movie together through a device. People could be much better in touch with each other. Relationships could significantly benefit.

Everywhere around the world would be connected. The world would have shrunk. Ideas and culture can be easily shared between countries. As people learn about each other and share, they will start combining values and culture. The world as a whole will adopt a new culture that is shared internationally. Having this bond of culture will unite the world, in turn making it a unified peaceful place.

The growing dependence on technology will only increase as technology becomes more useful in our lives. While I do not believe that humans will be floating around in chairs like in the movie Wall-E, I do think that technology is exponentially changing society. These changes may not all be for the good.

Improvements in technology increase society’s reliance on it. If people are depending on their all in on devices to do everything they need, they will not be able to function without it.

Technology, even as it improves, can fail. If the device people entirely rely on does fail, people are helpless without the technology and will have trouble conducting life as normal.

A dystopian society would emerge, if society becomes overly reliant on technology that performs all the communication and information acquiring tasks that a person needs. When all the information a person needs is practically given to them, they are very informed, but if they do not have any skill to gain the information without it being given to them, they are useless when the technology is taken away.

People would no longer have to learn or work to get things done. Everything would simply be available for them to utilize. People would not have to learn anything for themselves because they would most likely be able to look up the information or contact someone immediately to find out.

Life lessons like getting lost and guessing your way home would be an extinct problem. But these are the sort of problems that arise that help a person to build character and grow.

If people are given communication, media and information spoon fed to them, creativity and character would start to be lost. People would be more like cookie cutter molds of each other, all having the same experiences of solving an issue with the use of their all in one device. I sure do not think that a world like this would be a peaceful place.

In 2035, I hope that the world has changed for the good. Media is positivity influencing society and communication is easier and more efficient, but not harmful to the people and the relationships they form. Hopefully the world will be in a utopian state in the next 25 years and the Miss Americans will have to come up with something new to ask for.


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