Mean Girls to Good Girl

8 Dec

How does America’s beloved, little red headed Disney star become one of the biggest jokes in Hollywood? All it takes is a few rumors about a boob job to send a rising young actress to a convicted felon with a drinking problem.

Lindsay Lohan started her career off really young. Her first big break was playing identical twins in the remake of Parent Trap, from there she gained a fan base and continued to grow as an actress in movies like Freaky Friday and Mean Girls.

When Mean Girls came out rumors started spreading that Lindsay’s breasts had been looking larger than in the past. Tabloids reported stories of Lindsay’s alleged breast implants. She started to gain more and more attention as a celebrity rather an actress.  Then came the downwards spiral. Eating disorders followed all night partying and bad behavior with floods of bad press. Then her career was beginning to be jeopardized.

Lindsay was losing roles and being punished for unprofessionalism on set. She was not being publicized in a positive light at all anymore. She quickly was no longer working and only going out and partying. Her only media exposure was for her reckless behavior and crazy antics. Drug use lead to her arrest and time spent in jail and on probation.

Lindsay has become a huge joke to the public. She no longer has any creditability as an actress. She is in need of a public relations makeover campaign.

Good news for Lindsay! Careers gone bad can be revived. Look at Winona Ryder. Successful young actress, nominated for Academy Awards for Little Women and The Age of Innocence.

But in 2001, she had some sticky fingers and was caught stealing underwear from Sak’s department store. Oppies! After a few years’ hiatus, Ryder came back better than ever. She starred in huge blockbuster like Star Trek and Black Swan with more high profile movies in the works.

It can be done Lohan, it can be done!

A campaign for a public relations problem as atomic as Lindsay Lohan’s needs to start at the ground up, the first step would be time. After her most recent incident stint in jail on November 7th, she should take some time to get out of the public eye. Basically, in strategy, let things cool off. People will begin to forget old new or loss some of the details.

A year or two out of the public eye will give Lindsay time to short her issues and the public the time to forget them. By the time she is ready to come back, people will be wondering where Lindsay has been.

The most important criteria to this hiatus is to NOT being gaining negative publicity. Lindsay needs to time to be hidden. Negative publicity will just put her right back to the tabloid tornado of negative press that she is.

Once she starts to reappear, it needs to be in a positive or neutral manner. She is expected to be bad, so being seen in a positive light will only bring more press to her change for the better.

Over Lindsay’s break, she needs to work on securing roles in legitimate movies. She will have to be extremely choosy in picking a part that is challenging as an actor and high profile enough to get the attention of the academy and the public. The attention that Lindsay wants is on her acting. All over publicity of her life needs to be pushed aside. The public needs to be reminded that she is first and fourth most an actress, this is how she came into the public eye to begin with.

After being selective in choosing a role, she should remain low eye until press starts to be released on the project. When Lindsay becomes a press target once again, it’s important to set up suede events that would depict Lindsay as having matured.

Things like shopping with her family for house ware or Lindsay exercising and eating right. This time of publicity will give the impression that Lindsay is caring for herself mentally and physically.

Positive press will hopefully bring in even more roles for Lohan, now that producers and film companies see that she will be a productive employee and no longer a threat to the production.

Hopefully the new roles will only get better and better. This would significantly change the public view of Lindsay Lohan and maybe even turn her into a serious actress.


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