Product Placement With Benifits

8 Dec

If sex sells, Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis can sell just about anything. The 2011 film, Friends With Benefits there was obvious product placement being used to advertise for certain brands and products.

While there was no clear commercial or ad present, the smooth integration of the products into the story line was great subliminal advertising to buy the products and be as good looking as smooth as Justin and Mila.

Friends With Benefits is a standard rom com (romantic comedy) with a suspiciously similar story line to No Strings Attached, but left feeling even fatter and uglier.

The gorgeous stars Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis played young professionals, who were crippled by past failed relationships and mommy issues. They decide to leave all feelings out and have a strictly physical relationship and yada, yada, yada, you know what the story goes, and they fall in love, trouble, and get together in the end because they are too beautiful not too.

The blockbuster was clearly made to make money. The plot was simple, no award winner there. The movie was made to appeal to the masses. A money maker like this went the extra mile to rake in some more cash with some shameless product placement.

The movie had countless recognizable products. The most visible of pushed products were GQ, the iPad, Sony computers, phones and video games and Skyy vodka.

The most obvious and straight forwardly placed product was GQ magazine. GQ, Gentleman’s Quarterly is a magazine focusing on fashion, style and culture for men. Timberlake’s character was head hunted by Kunis’s character for GQ to come in as their creative director. The magazine was directly spoken about and most scenes were filmed in the real New York office! 

Other scenes featured Justin working on the magazine and arranging different covers. GQ did not let the opportunity to even further promote go to waste. Mila Kunis was featured on the cover of an issue simultaneously with the release of the film. Justin was not left you either.Playing a top ranking GQ tip wig, Justin did a feature article for the magazine where he did the comedic rough draft editing of a story about him. A great little cross advertising action going on here.

According to the movie, being a young professional requires a lot of work and an iPad. Both main characters are featured multiple scenes utilizing the Apple product. The best iPad product placement scene is the “Bible App”. In agreeing to start a sex without feelings relationship, Mila takes out her iPad to open her Bible App. The iPad has a virtual glowing bible that Justin places his hand over to swear upon after fusing with iPad to keep it on the vertical screen view.

The product placement in this scene is brilliant! The iPad is being utilized to start off a strictly sexual relationship with super hot Mila Kunis. What guy wouldn’t buy an iPad if promised that? Then, not only was the iPad used, but an app was thrown in there too. How nice for Apple!

The most product placement occurred with Sony electronics including a phone, laptops, computers and video game consuls. After catching on to just how much Sony was being seen throughout the movie, I looked into Sony and discovered that Sony Corporation owns the production company Screen Gems which produced the movie Friends With Benefits. Sony’s product placement in the film is a classic example of cross promotion.

Sony had the best product placement in the movie. The brand was reoccurring and in all different products. In particularly, the Sony Playstation was a standout product. The video game was being played at a party hosted by Mila’s character. It not only looked fun, but it intrigued the audience to wonder what they were using and where they can play with one.

The video game was also featured in scenes right before the on screen couple was having sex or messing around. It plays into the theory that sex sells. The movie gave the audience a number of reasons why they needed to go out and get this game.

Skyy Vodka was also cleverly snuck into a few scenes. While at a party, Skyy Vodka bottles were being passed around and served. The parties were as glamorous as the invitees and celebrity cameos all in the presence of Skyy Vodka. Later there was a sneaky appearance by the vodka yet again. In Justin’s GQ office, there was a framed Skyy Vodka ad.

All the products placed in the film were strategically chosen. The products were all applicable to teens and young adults, the target audience. All the products were being used and displayed in a positive light for great advertising. Justin and Mila’s characters trendy hip life, along with the amazing relationship and chemistry would be desirable by almost any young person.


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