The End Of The World As We Know It

8 Dec

Two summers ago, I read the book The Hunger Games. My younger cousin, who is in the seventh grade, had picked up a bunch of books from the library. She had started to read the book and was describing it to me one day.  We were discussing the book as I was bringing her to her play practice. I decided to read a few pages while I was waiting for her to be done, little did I know I would not be putting the book down. After the first chapter I was hooked.

The Hunger Games is a story about a post apocalyptic world a few hundred years from now. The world is not the same place it is today.

Many parts of what is left of the world are poor and impoverished. There is an elite society that runs the rest of the world and keeps them oppressed by taking their resources and by mental scare tactics, like the hunger games. The hunger games are a yearly event where each area of the world sends two of their children to compete of their behalf in a televised battle to the death.

The book struck a nerve in me. While the story was exciting, keeping me wound in the suspense and action, it also scared the day lights out of me! The book painted such a vivid world of chaos that resulted from events that are happening in reality in the present. The current state of the world in a recession, the recently ended wars, the terrorism and all the other issues make an apocalypse not so farfetched of an idea.

The book’s detail of the setting made the world imaginable and the simple stories of young love, family, confusion and struggle made the book relatable even though the overall story was so drastically not typical life. I was finding myself comparing my life to the book on so many levels.

The world is going through a hard time. Many families are finding themselves struggling to get by. Personally, my family has had to make some serious changes in light of the poor economy. It struck a chord in me that maybe a world without the luxuries of today is in the future.

Even though it is a bit of a morbid though, it has made me more in tune to worldly issues. Since reading the book, I have been reading more on current events and issues of third world countries. I have had an interest in learning about world issues and how to go about solving them.

Another theme of the book was personal struggle. The main character, Katniss, had a battle to fight, literally and figuratively. She was thrown into an actual fight, one that could in the greatest probability take her life. Katniss has to fight for herself, but also for her family. Her family needed her, if she were to leave them they would suffer greatly. Her best friend also needed her. They depended on each other’s support in so many ways.

While reading the story, I drew some inspiration from Katniss. She was so passionate protecting the important people in her life and stayed strong for them. She was a selfless character. She fought her battles for others. While it would have been easier to give up for her, she pushed through because she knew that the people in her life needed her too.

I was inspired by that theme present throughout the novel. It made me think twice about what I do for others, and how giving up on myself not just effects me, but a whole tickle down of people who are important to me.

While the book is not a literary master piece, or even at my reading level, it was a great guilty pleasure. The fiction novel was a little escape from the world, but still drove me back into thinking about my own life. The Hunger Games was a life changing book for me had its moments of inspiration and brought about some deeper thoughts. It was just a great book that I still think about, even months after I put the book down.

Now I can’t wait for the movie to come out!


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